Is SMSF Auditor Online able to help me set up and run my own SMSF?

Yes! SMSF Auditor Online’s director, Sharon Hope, is a superfund auditor and accountant with the certifications, qualifications and experience to set up your SMSF and help you operate your self-managed super fund. 

Does SMSF Auditor Online provide financial or investment advice?

We're qualified to provide general financial or investment advice, however we don’t. We believe the importance of your SMSF and your financial future demand advice from a dedicated professional. If you don’t have an accountant or financial advisor you trust to provide you with general financial and investment advice, we‘re happy to recommend someone to you from our trusted network. 

How do I appoint SMSF Auditor Online as my super fund auditor?

You, the trustee, your accountant or your financial advisor must appoint us as your SMSF Auditor before your SMSF’s annual tax return is due to be lodged. You must also provide us with all the relevant documentation to carry out the full super audit of your SMSF in the timeframe available. 

How long will an SMSF audit take to complete?

We offer a fast one-week turnaround time for finalising your SMSF audit. This is based on SMSF Auditor Online receiving all the relevant and correct information we need to complete your self-managed superannuation fund audit. Legally, we’re required to complete your super fund audit and provide trustees with the Independent Auditor’s Report (IAR) within 28 days of receiving your complete and relevant documentation.

How much do you charge for your services?

 Due to the specialised nature of our SMSF audit work and advice, and harnessing online technology, we’re able to keep our operating costs low compared to large accountancy firms. We’re proud to pass on this cost efficiency and online SMSF audit to our clients in the form of a fixed up-front no-obligation quote. Our rates for super fund audits start from $350 excluding GST. 

What are the steps in the independent SMSF audit process conducted by SMSF Auditor Online?

After we’ve spoken to you over the phone or via email for the initial introduction, we'll send you a checklist of the documents we require to complete your client’s SMSF audit properly. Next, when we’ve received all your client’s documents, we’ll send you a letter to sign indicating that you are engaging SMSF Auditor Online to conduct the audit of your client’s self managed superannuation fund. 

Upon receiving your signature on that engagement letter, we'll begin the SMSF audit. If, during the SMSF auditing, we discover that we require more information or documentation from you or your client, we will contact you to request that information. If everything is in order, we'll carefully complete the SMSF audit for your client and email you the independent audit report within 7 – 10 days.

What happens if there’s an issue of non-compliance with my SMSF?

 If we detect an issue of non-compliance with your client’s SMSF during our audit process, we’ll contact you without delay to discuss the options for the superfund audit. We may recommend compliance and/or financial reporting to take place before the SMSF audit can be completed. We may be able to offer your client specialist SMSF advice to move the SMSF to compliance as quickly and effectively as possible. 

Are there any occasions that you would not be able to conduct an SMSF audit?

 Yes. If a SMSF is deemed to be ‘not functional’ it cannot be audited. However, to help this situation, we offer a SMSF compliance reporting service to prepare the compliance of the financial reports and tax returns of the SMSF. We then engage an independent SMSF auditor to perform the SMSF audit.