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SMSF Compliance & Financial Reporting

 Often an SMSF comes to us for an annual SMSF audit however, when we start the auditing process, we quickly identify that the superannuation fund’s financial reports are incomplete or not suitable. The reports presented to us may be inadequate or may not meet the required ATO reporting standards. We see this situation surprisingly regularly.

From experience, we recognise that the SMSF would benefit from thorough SMSF compliance testing and/or correct financial reporting. We have the client’s best interests at heart when we recommend compliance and financial reporting for SMSFs to ensure they will be better prepared for future SMSF reporting requirements.

We offer guidance to help you correct your SMSF financial reports, or we can take care of this requirement for you 

SMSF Audits and Superfund Audits

 ‘Independence’ is the word when it comes to professional SMSF audits for trustees. We perform SMSF audits, superfund audits and SMSF lookup for the clients of accountants and financial advisors. We are an independent SMSF auditor, however, which means our SMSF audit clients receive the confidentiality of an independent SMSF audit.

We will happily liaise with the SMSF trustee’s accountant or financial advisor on all matters that may arise during the SMSF audit. In fact, our super fund auditors protect the SMSF trustee’s information from other parties. We will only contact the authorising accountant or advisor to contact the client on our behalf.   

Every so often there’s a concern that an SMSF auditor may ‘steal’ a client from a referring accountant or advisor. First, this is unethical. Second, our SMSF audit business is built on partnering with accountants and advisors. Rest assured, we aim to work with you to service your SMSF clients professionally and in confidence 

Specialist SMSF Advice

 Sometimes a complex situation regarding an SMSF audit or SMSF review may arise. This may require understanding the situation better before major changes to the super fund’s operations are made. That’s when talking to SMSF Auditor Online for SMSF advice makes sense. Over the years, we’ve seen all manner of SMSF arrangements – what works, and what doesn’t work. A professional opinion from a specialist in SMSF regulations, SMSF laws and practical applications could save you a lot of headaches (and money!) in the long run.