A Little about SMSF Auditor online

What we do


SMSF Auditor Online delivers a premium quality compliance and SMSF auditing service for Australian SMSF trustees.

Our deep knowledge of superfund audits, the SMSF audit process and useful SMSF lookup work enables our specialist SMSF auditor team to deliver high-quality SMSF audits and super fund audits.​  

SMSF audit clients are often seeking super audit help and SMSF audit advice of a specific and tailored nature.   

Such specialist SMSF auditor advice is not always available when engaging large SMSF audit services and SMSF compliance companies.  

The Australian Tax Office requires self-managed superannuation funds to be audited every year by a qualified SMSF professional, independent of your super fund’s accountant or fund manager. 

How We Work

1. Make contact with us
Simply call SMSF Auditor Online on 1300 721 012. Or  email our SMSF Auditor spealisit Sharon Hope with your SMSF requirements.

2. Engage SMSF Auditor Online
You’ll be sent an upfront fixed fee quote and engagement letter to sign if everything suits.

3. Your work is completed

Your SMSF compliance or superfund audit work will be done. If needed, we will notify the SMSF trustee of outstanding matters and address these accordingly. Then we’ll prepare your SMSF audit or other reports. Upon receiving your payment, we will present compliant financial and tax reports or SMSF audit reports to the accountant or advisor, to then forward to your clients as needed.